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Deep Sea Treasure

Deep Sea Treasure

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How to use:
  1. Mix well.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats to stoneware or porcelain in greenware or bisque stages. Dryfoot piece.
  3. Fire to shelf cone 5-6.
  4. Do not silt the piece.
  5. Water cleanup.


  1. Place an amount of the Color Burst Crystals on a plate or in a bowl, pour out a small amount of glaze onto the foam plate or foil and mix in an amount of the Crystals.
  2. Load the glaze with crystals on the brush and apply, moving the crystals around for the desired placement. A heavier concentration of crystals will cause more color intensity and movement from the crystals, a lighter or more spaced amount of crystals will create a more dotted pattern of crystal bursts, and larger crystal chunks will create a larger color burst and flow, as a small crystal will create a tiny color spot.
  3. Let dry thoroughly.
  4. Fire to cone 5 or 6.