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Dry Footing Mat

Dry Footing Mat


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This spacious sponge mat ( 19.5" x 19.5") is used to easily dry-foot ware before loading it into the kiln. Stoneware pottery and decorative earthenware pieces such as banks, boxes, and figurines are great candidates for dry footing, and you’ll love how easy this mat makes the dry footing process! Note: Keep in mind that because it is porous and will absorb moisture, earthenware pottery is not food-safe or water-tight when dry footed and should be fully glazed and stilted when fired. Do not dry-foot dinnerware, beverageware, or vessels intended to hold liquid or water unless they are Stoneware Pottery.

To use, dampen the mat, then gently rub the ware along the surface of the mat to remove the glaze from the foot. To avoid removing the design on the side of the ware, refrain from pushing into the mat as you rub. This sponge mat is a must for your kiln room!

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