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North Star

Iron Star Bats (3/8" thick MDF)

Iron Star Bats (3/8" thick MDF)


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Iron Star - Wood product without formaldehyde, 3/8 inch thick. Handles clay like wood or Masonite. Water Resistant, no warping, extremely strong.

Will not degrade like particle board. More expensive but PERMANENT. Available in 13" & 15" sizes.

Standard two holes 10 inch center-to-center, to fit Brent, new Pacificia, Soldner and many others. 

The 13 and 15 inch diameters are made in those sizes so that, when used on standard 12 or 14 inch wheel head, 1/2 inch of the bat overhangs all the way around the wheel head, making it much easier to remove the bat from the wheel without disturbing the thrown piece. No more prying, no more broken fingernails!

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