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Plainsman Clay

M350 Red Clay

M350 Red Clay


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Mid-temperature, finely ground and smooth, plastic, semi-vitreous, medium brown burning, native body for functional ware.

 M350 is the material of choice if you need to make functional ware from a brown burning body. It is processed to 100 mesh particle size and is intended to produce ware with a clean, unblemished glaze surface.

M350 is very similar in composition to M390 and shares the very fine and smooth natural character and plasticity. Its lighter color will be suitable for all but very specialized glaze effects requiring a dark burning body. M350 contains 5 different clays each of which is quite balanced on its own and it is a body over which we have a lot of consistency control.

Process Properties

M350 has medium plasticity and feels slick on the wheel and generates significant slip during throwing. While you will find it dries well for smaller items, as with any other fine-grained material, care and attention in drying are necessary in making larger pieces, especially flat plates, shallow bowls, and sculptural ware. Make sure that the focus is on evenness of drying rather than speed; if sections of a piece dry faster, then either slow these sections down or slow down the entire piece. If you need to attach elements (i.e. handles) use slip with a low water content and apply as much pressure and lateral movement as possible during the joining process.

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