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Starry Night (Speckled Black Clay)

Starry Night (Speckled Black Clay)


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Starry Night is Night Clay with an ilmenite grog. This cone 5-6 body fires a dark black in oxidation with shining speckles from the ilmenite. It is designed with Navajo Wheel 35 in mind. One will find the same great plasticity that makes Navajo Wheel a great body to work with, combined with a fine grog that provides tooth without being too coarse to throw.

 To get bright colors we recommend using a white engobe on the greenware. This will allow brightly colored glazes to shine and reduce pin holing (See photos of mugs).

*Priced per 50lbs box bisque firing to cone 04 to improve glaze performance.

This Body is for oxidation firing only.

Make sure kiln fumes are not inhaled. DO NOT RAKU.

Cone 6 Shrink 11%

Cone 6 Absorption 2%

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