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Stoneware Crystal Glaze Kit

Stoneware Crystal Glaze Kit

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Mayco’s Stoneware Crystal glazes are a unique line of glazes that contain colorful crystals in the glazes themselves that are designed to melt and bloom during the firing. These crystals add variation in color, finish, and movement to the glazes that you already know and love! All of our Stoneware Crystal glazes begin with a base glaze; most of the base glazes can be found in our other Stoneware Glaze lines. You can find the information about the base glazes of all our Stoneware Crystal glazes on the label or in the description on our website.

Contains 6 pint bottles, one each of the following colours:

  • SW115 Midnight Rain
  • SW116 Robin's Egg
  • SW118 Sea Salt
  • SW146 Aurora Green
  • SW147 Moonscape
  • SW148 Lime Shower