Collection: Membership

Welcome to your happy place.

GWN Memberships include ALL the bells and whistles GWN has to offer!!!  Basically just bring your personal tools, supplies and your talented self - we got the rest!

  • 24/7 access to our state of the art facility
  • Dedicated wheels, table and space for members (no closing the studio to members while lessons going on)
  • Designated storage cubby for your tools, etc.
  • Large Bailey Slab Roller
  • 5 Brand new wheels
  • Handbuilding Tables
  • Access to our lounge
  • Potters Corner - a commission-free, space in our showroom to show off your work.  Pottery customers can come and see a large sampling of the talent in our area and choose a potter that is the best match for them.  Leave your business card in your block with your pieces and customers can contact you directly.   Did we mention it is commission free?   You work hard to create your masterpieces - we want you to keep your earnings!
  • Professional Photo Booth to take great pictures to showcase the pieces you worked so hard on
  • 5% off of in store purchases
  • Discounted Firing fees
  • Access to free Members only events
  • Priority access and discounts on paid events  


Orientation is required for new members. Please contact us to schedule!

Memberships and passes- are non transferrable.


Have suggestions on how to improve membership? We'd love to hear it!