Collection: Mud Tools

During my years of working in clay, making pots and art, I have often had ideas that required working outside “normal” processes. I found that the available “clay tools” did not serve my ideas well. So, out of necessity I would make a tool, or modify an existing one to suit my needs. These new tools quickly became indispensable and were always the first thing to come out of my toolbox. Naturally, I would show these off at a workshop, and as a result I found that people were interested in buying them!
It didn’t take long to figure out that I couldn’t make a tool for each person that wanted one. I was going to need a little help, and that is how Mudtools was born. I started with the rib. I had already found a material that performed well and actually got better with use (it is self-polishing.) With the material in mind, I designed six shapes that I think cover a lot of what hand builders and throwers need from a rib. Each rib shape is available in variations of flexibility from very soft to very firm. You choose the shape and hardness that suits your clay and your working style.