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12 Satin Colors Sample Set #5

12 Satin Colors Sample Set #5


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An amazing variety of bright, colorful glazes with a rich satin finish. These glazes are suitable for food use, but are much less glossy than most practical glazes. Their smooth, buttery touch has to be felt to be believed. Twelve colors in 4oz. jars.

Can't decide on a colour? This sample set includes Coyote's new 12 Satin glazes to try in 4 oz. jars.

  • Alabaster Satin
  • Baby Blue Satin
  • Cerulean Satin
  • Charcoal Satin
  • Cherry Satin
  • Lapis Satin
  • Coral Satin
  • Forest Satin
  • Hazelnut Satin
  • Lemon Cream Satin
  • Orchid Satin
  • Seafoam Satin
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