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14" Trimming Foam Bat

14" Trimming Foam Bat


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    14 " diameter ribbed bat covered with 1" foam
    For trimming or other wheel work
    Plastic bat with both 9" and 10" bat pin spacing 

    • Great for trimming bowls with scalloped rims
    • Designed for trimming low-profile pieces

     • Trim without needing clay lumps
     • Makes tap-centering unnecessary
     • Saves on trimming time 
     • Prevents clay residue on trimmed piece from lumps
     • Allows the thickness to be checked easily 

     • Use all appropriate safety precautions
     • Sight downward pressure must be kept on the piece
     • Do NOT use with tall, unstable, or out of balance pieces
     • Keep out of the reach of children 

Made in the USA


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