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Take and Make Kit

Take and Make Kit


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Take & Make Kits 

Great for kids or adults who just want to try out handbuilding on their own.

These clay kits give you the tools to create a masterpiece at home! Whether you're a beginner testing the waters of handbuilding pottery, thinking of doing a craft party, or want to spend some time with your kids- this is the perfect start up kit to get those creative juices flowing!

Kit includes:
  • 2lbs of clay
  • household items to use at tools
  • Brush
  • 3 ounce pots of glaze
  • Cup template
  • QR codes for ideas and instructions on what you can make (but you are in no way limited to these ideas - the world is your oyster).
Once you're ready, come visit us to fire your piece 
(This is NOT air dry clay & requires to be fired)

Roll up your sleeves & make a cup, mug, pinch pot, or whatever your heart desires

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Customer Reviews

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Great - in theory.

My friend and I, who enjoy a myriad of making, were very excited about the prospect of trying something relatively new to us - at home and on our schedule. Unfortunately, there were no clear instructions provided on the steps to be taken. A studio brochure, a simple template and a business card with a QR code were the only documents provided. The QR code brought us to Instagram and Facebook, but all we could find were project ideas. We attempted to gain clarity by reaching out on messenger, but still were left with more questions than answers.

For first time, brand new and enthusiastic potters, we were left feeling a bit discouraged. Specifically in regards to steps to be taken, when and how often to have our piece fired, if we use glaze before and after firing, or just after, can the glaze colours provided be mixed to make new colours etc.

The business has a great set-up, tons of products, a small gallery and a makers space with neat workshops being offered, but a page with some step by step instruction in a take-and-make kit would go a long way for us beginners !