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Dirty Girls

Dirty Girls Bat System - Square

Dirty Girls Bat System - Square


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Dirty Girls Square Bat System comes with one master bat and 10 square inserts that are 6.5" . Simply attach the master bat to your wheel head and change out the inserts as you finish throwing your pieces. The square inserts are perfect for those concerned about shelf space.

We also offer a set of extra inserts for this system, a well as a round version of this set.

Do not leave submerged in water, any wood based product left in water will degrade and warp. Place bats on their side or diagonally to dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicole Douglas
Excellent quality

The moment you open the box you know you have something good in your hands. I love the ease of using these bats. They are clearly good quality.

Ellie Shuster
Fun with bats!

I just unwrapped my new bat system and began to play. They tell you not to use a bat mate, but the bat moves without it. With the bat gripper it works wonderfully. The inserts shimmy a little when pulling up, but I’ll get used to that. I use bookends to store the inserts vertically. So far really pleased with the system. It makes throwing so much easier… and fun.

Shivaun Gingras
Rave Review!

Thank you Great White North for this recommendation, my new Dirty Girls Bat System is the best I’ve ever tried! It hugs nice and tight to the bat pins and the inserts fit perfectly tight and flush. This is by far the best system I’ve tried yet

Marie-Josee Levesque
Inserts Needed to Be Sanded

The Dirty Girls Bat inserts I received were slightly bigger than the master bat. When I could fit them in, they were so tight that I ended up warping my work trying to remove them from the master bat. In the end, I got quite frustrated and sanded the inserts to make sure the fit was snug.