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Fired Snow Specialty Low Fire Glaze

Fired Snow Specialty Low Fire Glaze


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Product Information

Fired dimensional product produces billowy white texture that simulates snow.

Used mainly as an accent glaze on Christmas items and to create fun accents on animals.

Can be applied up to 3/4-inch thick.

How To Use This Product
  1. Stir well to a smooth consistency. Do not add water.
  2. Apply heavily to shelf cone 04 bisque. Use a palette knife, brush, sponge, ice cream stick or squeeze bottle. Avoid thin application.
  3. Apply over unfired glaze.
  4. Fire the shelf cone 06.
  5. Clean up with water.
  6. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
Tips & Techniques
  1. To obtain a different look, tint or accent Snow with E-Z Stroke® Translucent Underglazes.
  2. Fired snow can simulate more than just snow, use it for ocean foam, clouds, etc.
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