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Giffin Tec inc.

Giffin Grip Flex Slider III

Giffin Grip Flex Slider III


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The Return of the Flex Slider: The Giffin Grip Flex Slider III
Years ago Bill Hunt, then editor of Ceramics Monthly, encouraged Brian Giffin into developing a flexible slider for holding asymmetrical pots. Back then, it seemed that there was not that much need. Today, however, innovative potters are exploring a vast range of shapes and techniques.
Many want to use their Giffin Grip for trimming their wonky, asymmetrical, rectangular or hand-built work. Thus, the Flex Slider III was designed!

Giffin Tec brings to the Flex Slider III the same commitment to elegance in engineering that has made the Giffin Grip famous world wide. Designed with state of the art software and built of sturdy injection molded plastic, the Flex Slider III solves the problem of holding out-of-round pieces securely on the Giffin Grip. It is easy to assemble and intuitive to use. In minutes the potter will be ready to work with confidence, trimming, banding, or throwing on almost any shape imaginable!

The Flex Slider will fit all Giffin Grips manufactured within the last 30 years. It also works just like a normal slider, but with the added function of being able to adjust its final position depending on the shape of your piece.

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