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L1 Diamond Stylus Tool

L1 Diamond Stylus Tool


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The L1 Diamond Stylus Tool from DiamondCore® Tools features a diamond needle tip on one end and a 1 mm diamond ball tip on the other. This gives you the flexibility for pencil-like freehand carving, fine Sgraffito detailing, and the ability to clean up bisque lines and grooves.

 L1 Diamond Stylus DESCRIPTION:

  • Diamond tips on both ends
  • Leopardwood foam-grip pencil handles
  • Diamond “needle” tip on one end
  • 1 mm diamond ball tip on the other end
  • Wood grain may vary


  • Pencil-like freehand carving
  • Fine Sgraffito detailing on dry clay
  • Fine carving on drier clay
  • Cleanup of bisque lines/grooves
  • Foam grip reduces fatigue
  • Long-lasting diamond tips



  • Use all safety precautions
  • Keep out of the reach of children 
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Customer Reviews

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Winnie Poon
Diamonds are a potter’s best friend!

The Diamond stylus is great for fine line sgrafitto, while the ball tip cuts effortlessly through the clay for the heavier lines! Also great for Mishima, carving deeper tracks for the slip inlaying. Highly recommended for all of your detailed carving!