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Mint Coffee WC-164 (discontinued by laguna)

Mint Coffee WC-164 (discontinued by laguna)


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Semi-opaque glaze in the Laguna Cone 5 Crystal Blossom Glaze Series.

Crystalline Glaze Firing Schedule
There is no such thing as a foolproof firing schedule for crystalline glazes, but here is a good place to start for Cone 5:

Segment Rate Temp. Hold
1 250°/hour 1250°F 0
2 350°/hour 2140°F 0
3 25°/hour 2165°F 0
4 9999 setting 1950°F 3 hrs.

Laguna recommends testing their glazes on test tile with your clay body before use in art or production. Photographic reproductions differ from actual colors.
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