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Lee's Liquid Soup

Lee's Liquid Soup


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Lee's Liquid Soup from Laguna is an aid for glazes, underglazes, potting clay and other ceramic raw materials. Lee's Liquid Soup helps the particles to flow more easily and stick better, a bit like glue. If you e.g. adding Lee's Liquid Soup to an underglaze and then applying it with a detail bottle to a previously applied glaze, the underglaze stays after drying with this additive, instead of falling off without the additive.

The Soup works for many, many excellent purposes. It is an incredible additive to glaze, underglaze, slip or other ceramic materials. It helps materials flow more easily and it helps materials adhere better.

For example, we've added the Soup to underglaze and then slip trailed it over a glaze; normally, the underglaze would simply pop off, but with the soup, it adhered. We used a 50-50 mix in our test, but you should get noticeable results with a 1:5 ratio of Soup:underglaze

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