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Plainsman Clay

M325 Buff Clay

M325 Buff Clay


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*Priced per 20kg box.

Medium temperature, slightly textured, plastic, semi-vitreous, yellow-buff burning, fine grogged, general purpose native stoneware.

M325 is a general purpose material and it is a mix of two of our plastic stoneware clays, a silty stoneware, and a unique low-melting plastic buff burning material similar to the well known Lincoln 60 fireclay. It has 6% added fine grog to open the body up to give it a better drying properties. The body burns a yellowish-buff color that is quite a bit darker than M340 but much lighter than our tan-firing M350.

Process Properties

M325 is quite plastic and its unique working properties are the main reason for its use. Even though it does have some fine grog added, you will not be able to detect it easily for most types of work. The body dries quite well considering its plasticity.

One area of concern is that the grog will tend to produce rough glaze surfaces on areas where the glaze is thin (i.e. the lips of functional ware). Thus occurs as sharp grog particles expose themselves above the glaze surface as the latter thins during firing. Avoid sponging rims on dry or leather hard ware since this tends to remove fines and expose grog particles even more.  Burnishing any areas of concern should smooth any rough areas.

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