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Elan Pottery

Mandala (closed center)

Mandala (closed center)


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One custom silkscreened underglaze rice paper transfer sheet for use on greenware or bisque pottery. These extra large sheets come with a usable area of 19" long x 13" wide compared to the more common 8.5" X 6.5" sheet, making them excellent for larger plates and cutting into strips to wrap all the way around a few mugs. They can be fired to any temperature and work well in gas, wood, or electric firings. Elan Pottery typically fires to cone 6 and use Amaco zinc free clear ^6 glaze on top. They have also fired them to cone 11 in a reduction kiln with great success. These decals are designed and made exclusively by Elan Pottery.

Sample Sets Description:

Transfer Sample Pack (please read before you purchase) 

- An assortment pack of at least 9 pieces in various sizes small to large (Please note about half are smaller pieces and 1/4 medium you will only get 1-3 larger pieces, see photos!)

- Sizes will range from 2" X 2" to 8" X 4"

- You will receive a selection of blue, green, red, and black designs

- No duplicate patterns (unless they are different colors or small designs and I included more then 9 total designs) 

- Sample pieces are cut from our larger sheets and designs may be cut off, edges might have blank paper, and some may not be cut straight. 

- Packs are made and selected at random and may include seasonal designs, new releases that are not yet for sale, designs we are testing out, or older styles we no longer stock in full sheets.

- You may not pick or choose your sample pack designs and if ordering more then one pack you are not guaranteed to receive different designs.

- This is a great way to get familiar with using transfers and see a range or the colors and patterns. It is also great for jewelers or folks using smaller sections to get more patterns without buying whole sheets. 

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