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Elan Pottery

Skulls Overglaze Decal

Skulls Overglaze Decal


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These large sheets come with a usable area of 10.5" long x 7.5" wide. Our full colour overglaze decals are food safe and lead free. They should be applied after your ceramic piece has been glaze fired and work best over a white or light-coloured glaze as they are semitransparent. The designs can be cut out and used individually. Full application instructions can be viewed here: 

They fired according to the firing schedule below.  

  • 350 F / HR until 788 F hold for 0 min
  • 400 F / HR until 1616 F hold for 15 min
  • Shut off kiln and let cool

These decals are designed and made exclusively by Elan Decals.

Please Note - Our decals have a yellow flux coating that will fire off in the kiln and be glossy clear.  Our non-metallic decals are food, microwave, dishwasher, oven safe and are very durable. There will be a slight raised line on your finished fired piece where you cut around the image so please cut as close to the image as possible for a seamless look. Additionally, fired colours will vary slightly and are not exact. Many things can affect the variation, your monitor, the colour of your glaze, type of clay, and the kiln firing temperature please test decals first to see results. 

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