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Rod Stilt - (Interchangeable Rods)

Rod Stilt - (Interchangeable Rods)


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H series stilts are Roselli stilts that are designed to accommodate heavy wares that require inner support. They can be used to fire single, large pots or multiple pieces of pottery at the same time. Rather than having small metal points, they have three long metal rods, one on the end of each arm of the stilt.

Like all Roselli stilts, the H series stilts are strong and durable, as they are made from a high temperature clay body. They can be fired multiple times and withstand rugged treatment. The metal points are made from high quality metal alloy, making them sturdy and longlasting.

The Series H #10 Rod measures 3.5" from the tip of one arm to the tip of the next, and each rod measures 4" in height.

All the silts are made at The Ceramic Shop and are rated to cone 10.
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