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Tuckers Pottery Supply

Tuckers Mid Smooth Stone Speckle

Tuckers Mid Smooth Stone Speckle


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This is Mid Smooth Stone with a small addition of granular manganese. This will melt through the glaze giving a nice speckle. It tends to fire a slight bit more grey than Mid Smooth Stone.
Wet-to-dry shrinkage: 7.5%
Total shrinkage at Cone 6: 14.0%
Absorption at Cone 6: 1.0%

*Priced per 20kg box.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
renata zablotney
such pretty clay!

beautiful all purpose clay! great for coiling and throwing! will buy again

Gertha Griffiths
Tuckers Mid smooth stone speckle clay body

Good all round white Cone 6 stoneware clay fires to a nice white that responds well to most glazes. Speckles show through matte glazes and add depth to the glaze surface.

Heidi Derksen
Smooth stone

It is an amazing clay and I think I'll be ordering alot more from tuckers.

Yantao Zhao
Good product

I purchased it and used it with children. It's pretty easy to work with beginners group like us. It's white when dry, and didn't stain the surface we worked on.